Growth Strategies

Integrated Retail Real Estate Platform

We are able to tap on CapitaLand's unique integrated retail real estate platform, combining the best of retail real estate management and capital management capabilities.

Through this platform, we can call upon a professional and experienced team of operations, project and asset managers who work closely and seamlessly with each other to:

Intrinsic Growth

Active asset management is important for us to capture opportunities for intrinsic growth. CMT's intrinsic growth has been achieved through:

Innovative Asset Enhancement Initiatives

Creative asset planning unlocks the potential value of CMT's malls to further propel growth by enhancing the retail environment and improving the attractiveness of our malls to shoppers and retailers. Diverse ways of increasing the yield and productivity of CMT's retail space include:

Inviting Experience

To stay ahead of consumer trends, we constantly reinvent the retail experience with innovative shopping, dining and entertainment combinations, which help to maximise the sales of the tenants and generate growth through improved rental income. The increase in shopper traffic is generated through:

Instrumental Investments

The ability to identify value-adding acquisitions, investments, greenfield development projects and redevelopment opportunities to add to the portfolio and further enhance its value is central to CMT's long-term sustainable growth.

Our investments must satisfy the investment criteria of:

Intensive Capital & Risk Management

We seek to optimise returns to Unitholders while maintaining a strong capital base and credit rating to support CMT's growth.

Regular assessments of capital management policies are undertaken to ensure that they are adaptable to changes in economic conditions and the risk characteristics of CMT. We also monitor our exposures to various risk elements by closely adhering to wellestablished management policies and procedures.

As part of our proactive capital management, we diversify our sources of funding and will continue to review our debt profile to reduce refinancing risk.